The right Medical Waste management reduces the potential spread and infection risk of you and your staff.

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Safety Our Bins are adequate Clinical Waste containers, specially designed for the safe secure collection, storage and transportation of hazardous waste materials to our facilities via our approved vehicles for safe and secure disposal. We dispose of all medical waste using the recommended method by the Australian EPA (Environment Protection Authority) for such materials, Incineration.


Medical waste is committed to protect our environment and community by providing a solution safe and compliant with the medical waste management according to Australian laws.


Our Friendly Staff, Our customer service professionals are keen to answer all your questions and help you to choose the right solution to your needs.

Clinical Waste Bin
Clinical Bin

Service Areas


Medical Waste Australia (MWA) provides clinical bins services in NSW metro and regional areas. We comply with NSW clinical waste regulations, by using yellow clinical waste bins properly marked, and following a safe transportation process. Once the clinical waste arrives at the store facilities sterilization and shredding will take place.

MWA supplies clinical waste bins services in Queensland metro and regional areas, we comply with Queensland Regulations to provide clinical waste disposal. Our bins are properly label warning that it contains bio-hazard waste, then a safe transportation process is completed, once the clinical waste is at the store area, it will be incinerated.

Our company provides yellow clinical bins services in Victoria metro and regional areas. We comply with Victoria clinical waste disposal regulations, all of our bins have a black biological hazard warning sign, all clinical waste is treated prior to disposal ensuring it is properly done.

About Us

Is a partner company of National Shredding Services, a company with 30 years of experience in the market. Providing outstanding services throughout metro and regional areas across Australia.


What is considered medical waste?

Is waste originated at facilities like Hospitals, Veterinary Clinics, Dental Practices, Blood Banks, etc. But Nowadays, with the Covid-19 pandemic still running wild many ordinary businesses like Restaurants, Schools, Offices, and even Households might be generating medical waste in the form of face masks and gloves. As many of these may be contaminated by body fluids or other potentially infectious materials, and are now considered high risk to the potential spread of the Covid-19 virus.

How do you get rid of medical waste?

Any Medical Waste must be collected and transported for a company licensed by the EPA (Environment Protection Authority) to handle this kind of waste, in order to minimize the risk of exposure to all people. All businesses have the responsibility to provide a safe environment to customers and employees alike meaning having safeguards for people so they do not have close contact or exposure to infectious materials or medical waste. Medical waste needs to be burned in an incinerator licensed by the regulatory authority in the state where the incinerator is located. Sometimes, different procedures to securely dispose of Medical Waste can take place in accordance to regulations and laws applicable by each state or territory.

How to dispose of medical waste at home?

Usually, you may dispose of most medical waste through the general waste bin without the need to hire a licensed company. Nevertheless, you must have common sense and know that many people like sanitation workers might be handling that waste, so it is important to take some precautions to not put anyone at risk. When disposing of used gauze, gloves, bandages, and masks it is a good idea to put them into sealable plastic bags as these elements may be infected by blood, excrement, nasal mucus, or other bodily fluids that can be hazardous to your family and others. Finally, before disposing of any medical waste in your household through the normal rubbish pickup is better if you check local regulations and state laws.

What is infectious medical waste?

It is a more specific kind of waste than the broader term of medical waste. Due to its infectious nature, may cause or significantly contribute to an increase in mortality, serious irreversible or incapacitating reversible illnesses, or constitute a potential hazard to human health or to the environment when is not properly treated, transported, or disposed of.